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Who We Are

When working with Dentons, you do not have to go from firm to firm when your employment law needs cross borders, or become complicated with securities, tax, intellectual property or pensions issues. With offices and expertise in 79 locations and 52 countries, Dentons can respond to the full range of complex employment law issues that arise in the operation of your business and with our proactive advice, prevent issues from arising.

Strategic thinking and good judgment as well as specialized legal knowledge are required to manage your modern-day employment law issues. Organizational risk management (how would a decision in this case affect other employees?) as well as reputation management (how will your organization look if this decision is posted on the Internet?) can be as important as the management of potential liability, in the specific case at hand. You need Dentons lawyers who see the whole picture and who will go the distance for you in court or a tribunal.

Increasingly, employment issues cross into other areas of the law — for example, tax matters or stock options  —  and require the full services that Dentons, an integrated, global law firm, can provide. Companies merging unionized and non-unionized workforces with complex pension and privacy issues will benefit greatly from the depth and breadth of expertise at Dentons in employment, labour, pensions and privacy law.

Responsiveness, broad strategic thinking and judgment, specialized expertise, strong advocacy and an integrated, global presence. From prevention to litigation, Dentons is your full service firm. Dentons is a global firm driven to provide you with the competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace. We were formed by the March 2013 combination of international law firm Salans LLP, Canadian law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) and international law firm SNR Denton.

Learn more at dentons.com.

Our Editors

Andy Pushalik

Phone: 416 862 3468

As an associate in the firm’s Employment and Labour Group, Andy advises employers on a wide variety of issues including employee hirings and terminations, human rights, occupational health and safety, employment standards and labour relations. Andy joined the firm as a summer student in 2005 and articled with the firm in 2006-2007. Prior to his return as an associate, Andy clerked for the Honourable Mr. Justice Allen M. Linden and the Honourable Mr. Justice John M. Evans of the Federal Court of Appeal. While in law school Andy was awarded the J.W. Whiteside Award, the Gowlings LLP Prize in Securities Regulation and the CCH Prize for Legal Writing.

Barbara Johnston

Phone: 403 268 3030

Barbara is the Canadian Co-Chair of Dentons' Labour and Employment Group. Her practice focuses on labour, employment, human rights, constitutional and privacy law. She is actively involved in counselling employers in both union and non-union environments on labour relations and human resource issues.

Dana Hooker

Phone: 604 648 6539

As an associate with Dentons Canada LLP's Labour & Employment and Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution teams, Dana assists clients in navigating the many challenges present in today’s workplace and business environments.

Jeff Mitchell


Jeff is a partner in the Toronto Employment and Labour Group of Dentons Canada LLP. He represents public and private sector employers in the areas of employment and labour relations law, human rights and occupational health and safety. He regularly acts as counsel before employment tribunals and all levels of the Ontario courts. He also advises employers on contractual and labour issues, as well as advising employers proactively on strategies to effectively manage human resources issues.


Phone: 514 878 8820

Michel Towner has over 20 years of experience in federal and provincial labour law. Author of numerous articles, he has been invited by many organizations as a speaker on topics of interest for employers.


Related Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes are a part of doing business; at Dentons, resolving them is our business. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is one of Dentons’ core practices. Litigation may be a necessary component of a dispute resolution strategy, but it is only one of the problem-solving tools we apply to resolve disputes.


Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is at the heart of every economy, providing the means to help businesses expand and investors grow. Dentons’ Banking and Finance team operates at the industry’s forefront, working with innovative finance products across the world.


Business Agreements and Commercial Contracts

From sensitive non-disclosure to complex cooperation agreements, contracts need to be tailored to reflect the position of the parties with a sufficient level of precision so that risk is contained and commercial interests are secured. In particular, when agreements touch upon regulated markets, specific industries or have cross-border or foreign law elements, Dentons’ resources, sector expertise and global reach add value.


Human Resources Advice and Counseling

Dentons’ Global Employment and Labor Group includes over 200 lawyers who regularly represent management in connection with employment- and benefits-related litigation, corporate and governmental investigations, executive compensation and counseling projects. Our lawyers are known for providing practical, business-oriented advice. With our global presence and contacts, we are one of only a few firms that can provide multinational businesses with a coordinated solution to all employment and benefits needs.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At Dentons, our lawyers draw upon their extensive experience, trusted judgment and insight to develop a customized strategy—always with your specific business objectives at top of mind. Together, we tackle challenges efficiently and effectively so that you can move ahead.


Occupational Safety and Health

Dentons’ occupational safety and health lawyers understand your commitment to workplace safety. We also understand the corporate and personal costs of a workplace accident or fatality. We have the experience to provide employers with rapid, strategic advice in response to an accident, compliance orders, administrative penalties or charges. We provide advice on your rights in a government safety investigation, how to manage risk, and how to conduct an internal investigation. With the stakes high and the time short, it is critical to have an experienced occupational health and safety lawyer on your side.


Pensions, Benefits and Executive Compensation

Pensions. Retirement plans. Employee benefits and executive compensation. If you’re searching for a firm with a deep knowledge and understanding of these areas, look no further. Dentons’ lawyers are leaders in their fields, providing you with clear and practical advice to help you achieve your goals and a seamless service that covers regulatory, fiduciary, tax, governance, transactions and disputes.


Privacy and Security

Our Privacy and Security lawyers operate at the intersection of technology and law. We understand that data is one of your core assets, driving insights and enabling development of valuable new products and services.



Governments everywhere recognize the importance of investment in transportation. The efficient movement of people and goods is fundamental to any economy and is a mainstay of world trade. And transportation is a significant area of growth in otherwise difficult economic times. Trains, planes, automobiles and ships have never been more in demand.