Happy New Year! – Ministry of Labour Inspections for 2012-2013

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has announced that it will focus its proactive  inspections for 2012-2013 on workplaces where there is a history of employment standards violations, where young and/or vulnerable workers are employed, and/or where large or increasing portions of the Ontario workplace are employed.

Among the specific sectors identified for targeted proactive workplace inspections in the coming year, are the following:

  • auto mechanics
  • building services, including security, parking, cleaning and food services
  • car dealerships
  • fast food restaurant franchises
  • gas stations
  • hotel/hospitality
  • private schools
  • temporary help agencies

As always, it is a good practice to be prepared for any surprise workplace inspections which may come the way of your business.  For further information on how best to prepare, please contact FMC Law’s employment and labour group.

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